8 beauty tips to steal from Brazilian women

8 beauty tips to steal from Brazilian women

Natural beauty, soft, golden skin, a dream body and goddess hair … Brazilians are cumulative. They benefit from exceptional techniques and ingredients. Far from plastic surgery and outrageous make-up that feed the clichés, focus on beauty know-how made in Brasil, which we will hasten to adopt.

1- Their soft skin

Beautifully golden in the sun, the skin of Brazilian women is also very soft. Their must have is three-phase oil . A combination of three oils extracted from palm oil, of different densities (which allows to keep three layers) which, once mixed, applied after the shower on damp skin, then rinsed, leaves a light moisturizing veil on the skin with an exotic scent for the whole day.

2- Their dream mane

Most Brazilian women have voluminous, curly hair. And as they like to have them long, the watchword to maintain them is like for the skin: hy-dra-ter ! Intensely, and regularly. With what ? Masks with shea butter, jojoba oil applied before shampooing … In short, cuddly care.
And to have even more beautiful hair, Brazilians even have their own straightening technique, Brazilian straightening , which relaxes curls and clears frizz from curly and wavy hair for 4 to 6 months without damaging the hair.

We find in France some specialists in Brazilian smoothing in the salons Jenny and Paola , Massato, …

3- Their baths

In Brazil, taking a bath or shower is a ritual. Formerly a true cult linked to the traditions of Afro-Brazilian religions, to the sources of well-being and to the mystique, the banho of the Indians, with aromatic plants, was considered as a way to wash the soul and chase away the “bad vibes” . Today, Brazilians choose their scent according to their mood, and have a product for every need: an exfoliating soap, an oil and a scented water. In the shower, you take care of your skin, moisturize it, saturate it and perfume it.

4- Their white teeth

Another Brazilian obsession is oral hygiene. And to have ultra-white teeth, the must is to rub your teeth for a few minutes with a piece of charcoal rolled up in a fine cloth or a piece of cotton. Strange, certainly, but very effective.

5- Their manicure

Having impeccable nails is mandatory. Most Brazilian women – about 8 out of 10 – have a manicure per week, to the point that they have invented their own technique, the Brazilian Manicure , which differs from others in 3 aspects: impeccable hygiene (disinfection and sterilization of all the tools), the extremely specialized and complete training of manicures (with particular techniques such as the overflow during the application of varnish then the impeccable cleaning, which allows to completely cover the nail), and the speed (a manicure complete in 25 minutes).

6- Their make-up

Stop clichés, apart from the carnival, in Brazil it is natural beauty that prevails. We play the nude and simplicity card, and we opt for a subtly caramelized complexion, a light touch of sun powder, a little blush and a bit of mascara .
For very soft, plumped and radiant lips, the secret is the balm with urucum extract , a natural dye used in the past by Indians for their body paints (for protection against the sun and mosquitoes, therefore) . So mystical.

7- Their miracle ingredients

Found in the Amazon rainforest a decadent number of fruits, nuts, plants with incredible virtues, full of vitamins and natural antioxidants. Here is a list:

To feed
the castanha-do-parà or brazil nuts, is used by indigenous tribes to its formula rich in selenium (a recognized antioxidant) and fatty acid sip of vitamins and protein. Its oil is highly prized for its emollient, nourishing, hydrating properties, essential for the care of dry skin and dry hair .
In addition to its anti-inflammatory qualities (the best against insect bites, acne, irritations …), the oil extracted from andirobahas excellent emollient, nourishing and invigorating properties. Some even use it as a slimming cure on cellulite and other localized fats.
To nourish dry and damaged hair, murumuru butter is ideal.

To protect or repair
Used in butter, cupuaçu , a relative of cocoa, offers plumping and repairing properties to the skin, just like maracujà (passion fruit) oil . The urucum is known for itsvery high content of beta-carotene (100 to 500 times more than in carrots), vitamin A and trace elements. Thus, it stimulates the production of melanin by the body, helps activate tanning and protect the skin from UV radiation, and hydrates it while reducing its sensitivity. Buriti vegetable oil absorbs a good part of UV rays and prolongs the tan.

8- Their scent

Last but not least, perfume. Smell good , always, but not through our European fragrances, much too artificial. We say yes to tropical and warm, woody, floral, resinous or fruity scents. For women, the trend is for fresh and sweet florals while men prefer woody and musky scents.


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