Teach you how to wash your face properly!

Washing your face may be a daily routine, but does one skills to scrub your face properly?
This article will take you thru four skin types and teach you ways to scrub your face properly.
The four skin types
You need to know your own skin types, so as to take care of and clean the skin consistent with the skin condition.
There have four sorts of skin: dry skin, oily skin, neutral skin and mixed skin.

1. Dry skin:

The characteristics of dry skin are that the skin is straightforward to dry and results in desquamation, lack of lustre, and without good maintenance, it’s easy to supply fine wrinkles, itching, chapped… and other symptoms. the most causes of dry skin come from genetics. one more reason is that with the rise aged , human hormones reduce the secretion of cortical glands, leading to skin lack of moisture and fat. within the absence of moisture, dry skin will appear dry and rough and dull.

2. Oily skin:

The characteristic of oily skin is that the skin is shiny, and other people who are susceptible to oil on the face will find that after washing the face, the face is oily and bright because the sebaceous glands of oily skin are secreted more vigorously, therefore the person with oily skin have larger pores and easier to dam keratin, and since of the strong secretion of oil, it’s easy to supply acne.

3. Neutral skin:

Neutral skin may be a skin type between oily and dry skin. Neutral skin is a perfect skin type, because people with neutral skin don’t look too oily or dry, and therefore the skin Relatively shiny, without too many fine wrinkles.
4. Mixed skin type:

Mixed skin type may be a combination of dry skin and oily skin. People with mixed skin mainly use the T a part of the face to form the oil easier, but the edges of the cheek are dry skin. People with mixed skin are more troublesome to take care of because dry skin can use more oily skincare products, while oily skin uses refreshing skincare products with more water content. People with mixed skin types combine two skin types. So should take more effort to try to to maintenance.

Determine your skin types:
After washing the face without using any care products, the face won’t feel tight after quarter-hour , it’s oily skin; on the contrary, if the face skin becomes tight, it’s dry skin.

How to wash your face properly?
The correct face-washing concept should be understood regardless of what age you’re . once you wash your face, choose a face-washing product suitable for your skin type. Keep the water temperature at a comparatively cold temperature once you wash your face. Massage gently together with your fingertips Facial skin, rinse with clean water after about one minute, then pat the face gently with a clean towel or towel (do not use toilet tissue because it’ll cause tags to urge stuck within the pores), and use your own care Products to maintenance the skin.

The scope of face washing
In addition to the forehead, nose and sides of the cheeks, the mouth, round the eyes, chin, and hairline edges got to be thoroughly cleaned. additionally , it’s important to concentrate to once you have acne on the face, don’t use force Rubbing, because rubbing hard won’t improve the matter of pimples, it’s going to also cause inflammation.


In different seasons, skincare methods also will vary . People with dry skin in winter may have itching and cracking problems thanks to hot baths.
This is because the body’s skin features a layer of sebaceous and sweat glands. 

If you employ predicament or excessive use of cleaning products to wash the skin, this layer are going to be destroyed Sebum protective film, which is additionally the most reason why you would like to use cold water and therefore the correct cleaning tools for laundry your face.
Hope you wish our post on the way to wash your face, share together with your friend and family to assist them understand the way to wash face properly.


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