4 foods that will boost your immunity!

4 foods that will boost your immunity!

Humans inhale air or eat food into the body a day contains tons of bacteria and viruses, but when these bacteria and viruses invade the body, why do some people get sick while others are safe? this is often because the defense system in each person’s body is different.

4 foods that boost system .
This defense system is named the system , and therefore the system won’t only help the body to resist foreign bacteria and viruses but also help us resist external stimuli, like cold, ultraviolet rays, electromagnetic waves… etc.
The system is indispensable for the continuation of human life, also know the foods that boost the system is extremely important.

1. Immunized powdered milk

Immunized powdered milk is to vaccinate pregnant cows. When cows give birth to calves, they will get immunized milk, which is then sold on the market after artificial drying.
Nutritional composition and efficacy of immune milk powder:
Lactoferrin : Lactoferrin in sufficient concentration can inhibit the expansion of bacteria, while promoting cell differentiation and improving immunity.
Immunoglobulin G: it’s suitable for the antibody that the physical body can synthesize by itself. it’s one among the vital antibodies within the physical body . It can effectively inhibit the bacterial infection and reproduction within the intestine, thereby enhancing the body’s immunity.
Glycomacropeptide: inhibits foreign bacteria and viruses, promotes the expansion of probiotics within the intestinal tract, and prevents gastrointestinal diseases.
How to intake immune powdered milk
Pour the proper amount of immune powdered milk into warm or cold water below 50 degrees Celsius and blend well to drink.
Do not use hot boiling water when brewing because predicament will destroy immune proteins, also don’t add acidic juice (lemon juice, fruit juice …) to avoid destroying the activity of lactoferrin and immunoglobulin in immune powdered milk , reducing the effect of immune powdered milk on immune boost.
dietary supplement for immune powdered milk include: immune powdered milk , immunoglobulin powdered milk
2. Pollen
Nutritional composition and efficacy of pollen

Pollen polysaccharides: can activate macrophages and thus enhance the body’s immune capacity, but can also reduce blood glucose , blood lipids.
Anthocyanins: Strengthen the walls of blood vessels and maintain the health of the circulatory system .
Calcium: the most component of the bone that calms and promotes contraction .

Inositol: promotes hair growth and prevents arteriosclerosis.
How to eat pollen:
Pollen is best to eat when an empty stomach, can directly brew with warm water or cold water, pollen can’t touch predicament , will make a nutrient loss.
You can also mix pollen and honey with predicament and add some wine .

3.Purple coneflower
Purple coneflower’s nutrients and effects:
Polysaccharide: it’s a really important component to reinforce the body’s immunity, and it can promote the function of immune cells (neutrophils, lymphocytes, killer cells, macrophages) within the body.
Flavonoids: Improve the penetration of microvessels.

Echinacea: The roots, stem, leaves and flowers of echinacea have medicinal effects, and therefore the roots are extracted more (because of the strongest medicinal effects). It can help get over a chilly faster.
Precautions for taking Purple coneflower:

Purple coneflower isn’t like normal dietary supplements and may be taken in low doses for an extended time because echinacea can quickly stimulate the body’s system , in order that the body can fight bacteria and viruses.
Long-term use of Purple coneflower will cause excessive stimulation of immunity, making the body unable to resist when it really needs immunity. the foremost suitable usage of echinacea is to require it continuously for 1 to 2 weeks once you have a chilly symptom.

You can also take Purple coneflower to scale back the danger of infection if your relatives and friends or colleagues have already got a chilly .

4. Tomato
Tomato’s nutrients and effects:
Lycopene: powerful antioxidant capacity can help the body to clear free radicals and active oxides within the body, to realize the effect of enhancing immunity and preventing ageing, the more red tomato represents The more lycopene.
Vitamin C: It can activate macrophages, improve the body’s ability to resist external viral bacteria, and also promote collagen synthesis to assist wound healing.

Citric acid: it’s the functions of moisturizing, anti-oxidation, and promoting metabolism. When acid enters the intestine, it can inhibit the activity of bad bacteria within the intestine and effectively prevent bacterial infections..

How to eat tomatoes
Tomatoes are often purchased on the marketplace for processed juice , ingredient , etc., but it’s best to use high-purity tomato products to avoid eating too many artificial additives.
In addition to drinking and eating, the market also sells skincare products made with tomato extract.

Tomato’s dietary supplement: tomato beauty capsule, tomato vinegar, tomato powder, juice , tomato moisturizing lotion, lycopene skincare products.


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