6 comfort food that you should not eat too much!

6 comfort food that you should not eat too much!

What does one do once you are anxious or during a bad mood?
Some people may seek comfort from food, while others may relieve their anxiety through other activities which will express their emotions. But will these methods really help?

This article will take you thru the seven comfort foods which will make people feel more depressed. Please take care to not eat too much!
What is comfort food?

When people are during a bad mood, the brain will open a gift system to hunt solace, and luxury foods can make the brain secrete dopamine, which may be a happy substance secreted by the brain, the substance can make people feel solace.

Because comfort foods are mainly foods composed of tons of sugars, starches, and carbohydrates, those substances can stimulate the brain to secrete dopamine, it can make people temporarily feel happy and excited.
Humans who want to be during a good mood are in instinctive response, naturally doing things that stimulate dopamine, and while food can really have a short-lived effect, it are often more depressed or anxious after happiness.
Because the ingredients of comfort foods are some high sugar, starch, and delicate carbohydrates, after eating will cause a rapid rise in blood sugar when blood sugar increases then with the secretion of dopamine slowly reduced, people will feel a really strong feeling of guilt.

Here are 7 comfort foods which will trap you within the brain reward system:

Alcohol may be a magical substance is that the best invention of mankind, wine makes people’s lives become colourful, but alcohol is sort of a double-edged, the great side seems to reinforce each other’s feelings, but the bad side is that folks are often paralyzed by alcohol or hooked in to it.
Alcohol is that the standard food for several people, excessive drinking will make the otherwise bad mood worse if there’s a hangover experience you’ll certainly experience!

2. French fries:
French fries are loved by both adults and youngsters , and that they are often seen at parties or parties.
However, although french-fried potatoes are delicious, they’re filled with saturated fat, delicate carbohydrates, and Excessive salt, these ingredients will cause the body’s energy to rise and fall rapidly. it’s also the most explanation for poor mood and fatigue.

3. Caffeine:
Excessive caffeine intake will cause irritability and anxiety. the utmost amount of coffee during a day is 4 cups.

4. Soda:
Soda contains tons of sugar, and therefore the physical body will quickly absorb the sugar within the soda, leading to a rapid rise in blood sugar . After the blood sugar gradually slows down, people will feel irritable and anxious.
Soda is because it contains tons of sugar Sugar results in a rise in blood sugar , so does sugar-free soda have this problem? That’s not necessarily, because sugar-free sodas contain aspartame, which tends to cause anxiety and depression.
Another study shows that the sugar content in sweet drinks is said to depression within the elderly.

5. Baked foods:
Baked foods also contain more ingredients which will cause depression, like sugar.
Sugar will quickly decompose into glucose, leading to the rapid rise and rapid decline in blood sugar , try to not eat high sugar content for a couple of days like Cakes, sweets… etc. you’ll soon find that your mood are going to be better!

6. Processed foods:
Potato chips, pizza, or many processed foods can cause a nasty mood.
Processed foods contain tons of preservatives, saturated fat, and sugar . Excessive intake of those ingredients can make people feel tired.

The most terrible thing is that the guilt feeling will overstimulate the reward system of the brain. The more guilt is, the more food you would like to eat to satisfy the brain’s dopamine secretion. Slowly, you’ll find that you simply need more food to realize an equivalent happy effect.
To avoid this example , on the one hand, you would like to restrain yourself from eating an excessive amount of high sugar, high-calorie food, On the opposite hand, it’s vital to seek out how to actually relieve the bad mood.
Hope you wish our post on 7 Alluring food that you simply shouldn’t eat too much! share with friends and family help them understand what’s comfort food!


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